Our New Wishlist Feature

Here at l'art et l'automobile, we are dedicated to providing you with the most interactive, manageable and easy to use customer experience possible.  To that end, we have added a new and powerful feature to our website; Our New Wishlist Feature!

The Wishlist feature allows you to gather all the items you are interested in or plan to purchase in the future, keep them all in one place so they are available for future visits and send that list to all your friends and family through any of our Social Media Channels or through Email.  

Its very Easy to use:

First, Find an Item that you want to add to your wishlist.  On every Product's page, is a new link that you will want to click, which automatically puts that item into your wishlist.  It looks like this:

Add to Wishlist link

Once you click that link, you will want to see your wishlist.  A link at the top of any page will take you to your list, which looks like this:

View Wishlist Link

When you click this link, it will take you a page that looks like this:

The wishlist manager

This page allows you to manage your Wishlist; to add or remove items from the wishlist, add items to your cart if you wanted to purchase them now, save the images to purchase them later or share them with your friends and family.  

There are links to share the wishlist at the bottom of the management page:

Wishlist management page

But if you want to save your wishlist, you will need to log in or register if you haven't already.  

Register at arteauto.com to save your wishlist.

The link to register is at the top of the site and looks like this:

Register your account at arteauto.com

Once you have registered or logged in, your wishlist will be saved to your account so that when you come back to our account, your wishlist will be waiting for you.  

So now you are all caught up on our latest feature.  This system is already active and available to use on our site, so please feel free to use our Wishlist Feature today.  

For a ton of great automotive artwork and memorabilia, don't forget to browse the many categories on this WEBSITE.  Remember we also have many items in our gallery, do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something in particular.  

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