Showcasing Alain Lévesque

Inspired by the Art Deco and Italian Futurism movement, the paintings of Canadian artist Alain Lévesque are recognized by car enthusiasts throughout the world.

Alain's fascination with automobile art began in 1988, being exposed to the 1920's and 1930's automobile and their forms which inspired him. Today his artwork has been published in several international publications including Automobile Classique France, Octane Magazine England, Hemming Classic Car U.S.A, as well as Top Gear Italy. It is also on the cover page of Panorama Magazine December 2014 as well as the Robb Report Vietnam July 2015. 

I first met Alain in the '80's, and after collaborating on a few shows in New York we became fast friends and have worked together ever since.  I immediately enjoyed his work the moment I saw it and have partnered with Alain in order to help share his beautiful artwork with collectors around the world.  To celebrate Alain's artistic accomplishments, we here at l'art et l'automobile have gathered all of his artwork we have in the gallery, and present it here to you.

We are proud to feature Alain Lévesque's artwork in our gallery, where a collection of his artwork can be viewed here.  



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