Welcome to the Literature Collection.  This is a Super Collection, containing all literature on l'art et l'automobile, including Books, Programs and Magazines, Brochures, and Ferrari Publications. 

Here you will find several Publications to peruse, from Authors including F. Clymer, James R. Colwill and Bruce Stewart, detailing most important worldwide marques from Alfa Romeo, Allard, Avis…to Vauxhall and V.W.  Also includes biographies, race drivers,  annuals, major International and National racing and race tracks, sports and racing cars, vintage and classic cars, design and designers, car collections and museums, Automotive Memorabilia and Automobile Quarterly.  This Collection includes some of the most important Books and Magazines written on the subject from several renowned publishers from the 1890’s to the 1990’s.  Also included are multiple Programs from multiple famous Races and Racetracks across the globe.  Be sure to look at our Books, Programs and Magazines gallery here.  

We also have a massive collection of Advertising and Sales Brochures from several Manufacturers, including Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford and Many Others.  You can flip through our Brochures Gallery here

Please Choose a Collection and browse for some hard to find, classic Automotive Literature you may have been looking for.