Welcome to the collection of Mascots and Motometers.  

Mascots, which are often fitted in place as hood ornaments, were often made by established sculptors, either as the logo of the vehicle's marque or often the profession, hobby or even preference of the owner who would like a special feature on the front of the radiator of his "Pride Ride."  

Artists like Charles Sykes, Frederick Bazin, Pierre Fix-Masseau, to name a few, were hired by the automobile manufacturers to design and create hood ornaments.  When at their peak in the 1920's and 30's, they created some of the best Mascots ever made, often in Bronze.  Some were also made of glass, such as the Mascots produced by René Lalique produced which were accessories for the person who wanted to personalize his vehicle.  

Moto Meters were a way of making the ornament more functional replacing the radiator cap itself with a Mascot that also measured the water temperature directly from the radiator.  

Mounted Badges were for the person who wanted to promote his club, country or region.  

All of the above are included in the collection.  

Feel free to Tour the Gallery, and perhaps you can take home a new mascot to adorn your radiator, hood or shelf.