Welcome to the Objet D'Art Collection.  This is a Super Collection, containing all Objet D'Art on l'art et l'automobile, including Sculptures, Trophies, Mascots and MotoMeters.

Here you will find numerous examples of Beautiful Artifacts to browse through, from Sculptors and Manufactures including Paul Aichele, Emmanuel Zurini, Paul Jacobsen, Stanley Wanless and Lawrance Braun, detailing the spirit of Car Collecting and Auto Racing, cast or carved from the elements and rendered in exquisite detail. Be sure to look at our sculpture gallery here.  

If you are looking for something more historical, we have a huge collection of Trophies from every manner of Auto Racing including Formula 1, Le Mans and even Kart Racing. Feel Free to Browse the Gallery Here.

More interested in investigating our myriad of hood ornaments and badges?  We have a veritable cornucopia of vintage automotive Mascots and Motometers dating from the invention of the automobile to the present. Grab one Here to adorn your car, or your bookshelf in lieu of that.  

Or are you looking for something smaller, like Our Collection of trinkets and original artifacts we have collected for you in our Badges, Pins, Medallions, License Plates and Plaques Collection. You will find that here.   

Please Choose a Collection and search for those difficult to find, original Automotive Artifacts you have been trying to find.