Cunningham – The Life and Cars of Briggs Swift Cunningham autographed book, with bronze sculpture by Larry Braun


Special limited edition of 50 by Dean Batchelor and Albert Bochroch, 1993, signed by Cunningham, author Dean Batchelor, drivers John Fitch, Sherwood Johnston and Phil Walters, also signed by the sculptor of the Cunningham C4R done for this edition in bronze on a wood base, the principal photographer John Lamm, This copy is his personal copy. The book covers all the models produced from sports cars to those raced by the team including those in Briggs’ museum, many photos also taken by Dave Friedman, 192 p., hardbound, 10.25” x 10.25” , overall size including base and signed sculpture 11” wide x 8.75” deep x 11.5” high, A+ cond.

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