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Auction FAQ's

What kind of auction is this?
This is an online auction. Bidders are encouraged to use the proxy bidding feature. Bidders will be informed by email when they are outbid in order to have the opportunity to increase their bids if desired. If you would like to have your bid placed for you just call 1.830.864.5040 and we'll be glad to help.

How do I view the Terms & Conditions for the auctions?
You can view our Terms & Conditions and User Agreement here.

How do I bid?
Bidding is simple. First, you must be registered to participate. Then, find the item you wish to bid on and follow the simple on screen instructions. Our auction system allows you the convenience to place a proxy bid, just click the link in the bidding section (see image below) and input your bid. The system will notify you by email if your max bid has been exceeded.

How can I see all the bids I've made during current and past auctions?
You can see details on any auction you've participate in by logging in and clicking on “My Account” at the top of the page. Select “View My Bids” to go to the "Bidding Details" page which will give you a summary of all your open bids, winning bids as well as bids for auctions you didn't win

Do I need to register to view all of the lots?
No, but you need to register to bid on lots in this auction. There are many benefits of
 registering, including the ability to watch all of the lots you have bids on easily.

How do I consign items to future auctions?
We are always looking for quality consignments for future auctions. Additional information can be found here

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