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Early 1960 Cooper F1 motorized child car


Hand built by master children's car builder Francois Mortarini from S.C.A.F. (Societe de Construction des Automobiles Francis).  He is well known for his Ferrari 330 P2 and the Ford GT 40 motorized  child car built for the "24 Minutes of Le Mans".

This world champion Formula 1 car of 1959 & 1960 was a one off for a member of his family, Laura Mortarini, this famous replica of the Formula 1 champion is equipped with a small gasoline engine, gas and brake pedals, gauges, magnesium wheels, working suspension, inflatable tires, padded seat, 70" long, carbon fiber body, all in very good condition with minor paint flaws, running condition unknown (I did not start it or drive it).

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