Barry Rowe

Barry Rowe and I have a history that goes back several decades.  My appreciation for his work and my enjoyment of his personality and work ethic allowed us to successfully work together for years.

In 2003, Barry asked me to write the Forward for his soon-to-be-released book, "Atmosphere and Light" (which is available in this collection).  I was flattered by the offer, and of course I agreed to it.  

Below is what I had to say at the time.  My Opinion has only been reinforced to this day.  

Forward from "Atmosphere and Light"

One of the advantages of owning my own gallery, l'art et l'automobile, in New York, (now moved to Harper Texas) is that I can surround myself with some of my favorite artwork created by artists whom I admire and enjoy working with.  

In 1994 Barry Rowe sent me a few transparencies of his recent paintings, and I knew instantly that I would like to sell his art in my gallery.  We have worked together ever since.  Barry and I are both pioneers of automotive art in its decorative form.  I often wonder what we would have chosen as our vocation if we had lived in an earlier century, because the automobile has been such an influence on both our lives.  

England has probably produced more great automotive artists than any other country, and Barry definitely continues the tradition that started with Gordon Crosby.  Today there are at least a dozen world-renowned painters of the car residing or working in England.  Barry is one of the Best.  

What I admire most about Barry's art is his classic technique and his ability to paint a full range of subjects so well, mastering scenes regardless of their era.  Classic Cars, vintage and modern race cars, the occasional airplane, landscapes, horses, portraits of people, and crowd scenes are all executed with ease.  All of his paintings display great composition and style.  This is the first book to catalog the breadth of Barry's work, which is truly impressive in it's scope. Barry, I know I am not the only one pleased to see this retrospective of your work. Bravo!  You and your art deserve it.  I believe this will not be the last book of yours.  

-Jacques Vaucher
New York
November 2003

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