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Ford's Famous Punchbowl

April 12, 2018

Henry Ford driving "Sweepstakes"

In 1901 Henry Ford raced to an amazing underdog win in his home-built race car, in an audacious bid to gain Funding for his automobile endeavors.  For winning the race he received $1000 and a Cut Glass Punchbowl to serve as a Trophy.  The Money, a small fortune at the time, went on to start Ford Motor Company, but after Henry's death, the Famous Glass Punchbowl was lost to history. 

We here at l'art et l'automobile are tenacious historians, especially when it comes to Racing Legends, and we also avidly collect and curate any pieces of racing history we can find.  Thusly, we contribute a collection of Ford memorabilia to bolster the spirit of the hunt for this famous artifact, as well as a small sampling of our Trophy collection, that perhaps you can take home a piece that becomes a priceless heirloom to your family.  

The collection can be found here, so feel free to tour the gallery at your leisure.  Also make sure to go to our Blogger account and read a much more detailed article by Daniel Stroll about this amazing story.  

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