The Futuristic Artwork Of Alain Lévesque

March 03, 2022

Femme au Volant by Alain Levesque

Alain’s artwork will take you back to the 1930’s to the Art Deco Era. As a child, he was more interested in creating images he had in his mind  than concentrating on his school work. In class, he was thinking more about drawing elegant automobile lines instead of what his teacher had to say.

Duesenberg Model J painting by Alain Levesque

His passion for classy automobile design came at a young age. By the time Lévesque became a teenager it was clear to him that he wanted to be an artist. With that in mind, he was accepted into the art studies program at the University of Québec where he is from. This is where he learned the different techniques, mediums and materials available.

Not very interested in drawing landscapes, bowls of flowers or fruits, he concentrated on his automobile passion and art deco architecture and discovering different techniques while developing his own style.

Le Femme au Volant by Alain Levesque

Inspired by the Italian Futurist movement, Industrial Constructionism developed in Russia in the early part of the 20th century and the Bauhaus method from Germany, Lévesque continued to refine his own style and technique.

After leaving art school, Alain worked for several advertising agencies in Montreal where he also designed a few posters at that time for different events.  

Since then he has worked as a fine artist still designing posters for auction houses such as Barrett-Jackson, Concours d’ Elegances such as the Kansas City and New York Concours and also producing a poster for the American Bugatti Club and a print edition for the Porsche Club of America national meet. His work has been published on the cover of numerous magazines and books.

Mercedes Gullwing giclee by Alain Levesque

Alain is busy producing multiple commissions for collectors worldwide. Along with all of his original artwork now mainly created in oil or acrylic on canvas, Alain has a large selection of prints of his originals, mainly giclées that you can purchase at l'art et l'automobile.

Also fascinated by 1930’s locomotives, Alain has painted a few of them as well as aircrafts in his very recognizable style.

Zagato Dashboard giclee by Alain Levesque

As a new service for collectors, he can also produce his giclées in various sizes to accommodate your space and on different materials such as paper, canvas or banner material to enhance your car condo, garage or museum and study.

Enjoy his images. I know I have for the last 40 years.

by Jacques Vaucher
For Linkage Magazine

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