John Fitch's Wild Rides

March 08, 2018

John Fitch and his Cunningham C-4R

John Fitch:  Hero, Racer, Friend.  Discover artifacts from the personal Library of the late John Fitch (1917-2012), an amazing man and personal friend, who's accomplishments other men only dream of.  We here at l’art et l’automobile have acquired a collection of his race programs from some of the events around the world where John raced for Briggs Cunningham and Mercedes-Benz, as well as several other venerable teams and manufacturers like HWM, MG, Cooper, Fiat etc.  

Check out a fantastic article here, written by our owner and curator Jacque Vocher, detailing the life and achievements of his friend, John Fitch.  

Also, below is a list of items in our new collection of artifacts sourced from John's own personal collection, please review them at your leisure:

 Our newest Collection:

1937 Grosser Preis von Deutschland at the Nurburgring program, autographed
1934 Grosser Preis von Deutschland at the Nurburgring program, autographed
1954 Portugal GP in Lisboa program
1954 Belgium GP program and pamphlet
1955 Nurburgring season program ADAC Eifel-Rennen
1954 First Giro Automobilistico d'Italia rule book
1954 Grosser Preis von Europa at the Nurburgring program
1953 First GP and 2nd Trofeo Supercortemaggiore program

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