Classics on the Street - An Automotive Odyssey book by Robert Straub, 1998


Classics on the Street - An Automotive Odyssey - France 1953 book by Robert Straub, 1998

Robert Straub arrived in France in 1953 in time to record the terminal years of the great classic tourers, the Delages, Delahayes, Talbot-Lago and Hotschkisses - magnificent cars that had enjoyed an apotheosis, ironically during the Depression. These marvelous cars still rolled on Europe's roads during the early post-war years! It's only fitting that Bob as able to see and photograph them - as he points out, a decade later these elegant cars had vanished from the roads of France. 

The surviving cars are treasured by an increasingly knowledgeable French classic-car movement. Bob Straub's evocative photos and text, capture the world for all time through the eyes of a fine designer with a passion for cars. 

Forward by Karl Ludvigsen,very simple yet, elegant book that features pre-war cars captured in black and white film in France - each car photo has an accompanying page with a short caption and description of the car. 287 pages. 

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Some of the Cars illustrated are (too many to list all of them):
The 1930 Bugatti 41, the 1932 MG J2, Delahaye 135M, Tatra T-87, Talbot-Lago Baby, Fiat Ballila 508S, Panhard Dynamic 140, DWK Meisterklasse, Lancia Aurelia, Praga Baby, Amilcar Compound, Hansa 1100, Peugeot 201, Imperia 2-Litre, Ferrari 212, and many, many more.*
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