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  • 'Industry & Wisdom' bronze sculptures by Paul Aichele, 1891

    These two bronze art nouveau decorative nude figures by Paul Aichele represent the mood and spirit of the beginning of the 20th century. Paul Aichele (1859 - 1920) was a German sculptor. Aichele attended the School of Applied Arts Stuttgart (1875 - 1877), then by 1880 the educational establishment of the Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin. Aichele remained a Berlin resident until his death, and while his sculptural work comprises mainly of small bronze sculptures, very little is known about his life.

    In this set of two bronze sculptures the first woman - 'Industry' - stands on the winged wheel of industry, as the second woman - 'Wisdom', also often called 'La Victoire' or 'Allegorie de la Nuit' (Allegory of the Night) - stands on an owl flying over a crescent moon.

    Both sculptures have a great patina showing their age and both sit on a dark green / black marble base signed with 'Aichele 91' in the back (91 for 1891). 'Industry' stands 12” tall, while 'Wisdom' is 13” tall. 'Industry' is in A- cond., (marble base is slightly chipped), 'Wisdom' is in A- cond., (larger chips on base). Lot of 2.


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