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1 - The Twenties - Harley Evolution print by Francois Bruere


Harley Evolution - The Twenties print by Francois Bruere, France, 1990's, sepiatone, signed, features an early JD model on its kick-stand parked next to a side-car model with clipper ships in the background, 34.5" x 10.5", A- cond., (very minor edge wear).

Starting bid $50
Estimate $125-$175

 This item is offered in an auction format. To participate send us your bid along with your name, phone #, and lot #(s) of the items by phone (830-864-5040 ) or text (516-982-1730), or through our Email Form.

Submit your offer at the starting bid or higher and we will let you know if you've been outbid. The final price will be determined by the best offer and will not exceed the 2nd highest offer by more than 10%.
This auction has a 10% buyers' premium.

Bidding will close Monday, March 4 @ 2 pm Texas Time (please, no sniping).


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