A Sculpture Show at arteauto.com

Rendering Automotive Classics in Three Dimensions.


After a ‘car crazy’ last 10 days at Carweek on the Monterey Peninsula, we are back at the Gallery.  To celebrate a fun filled and successful week, we are having a Sculpture Showing, detailing magnificent works by multiple artists from around the world.  

Ever since the invention of the automobile, Sculptors have been using them as inspiration for their work.  With their sleek lines and generous curves, automobiles lend themselves easily to being captured and exalted in any artistic form, but sculpture seems to have a special connection.  After all, one might consider them to be functional sculptures in and of themselves.

Sculpture has always had a deep seeded bond to the automobile.  For decades, car designers sculpted the lines and curves of the auto’s body the same way an artist would sculpt his work, but when the model was done, it would then be rendered in steel and gasoline rather than clay, stone or bronze.

Sculpting was originally more widely used for trophy making rather than celebrating the actual cars, but in the last few decades artists have taken it upon themselves to capture the details and the elegance of the cars themselves, showcasing the supple bodywork of classic cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and others.

Many artists attempt to produce three dimensional works that show their passion for and the cultural significance of these machines in a new and interesting way.  These luminaries include such names as Dennis Hoyt, Larry Braun, Richard Pietruska, Raymond Meyers, Stanley Wanlass and Emmanuel Zurini, just to name a few.

At l’art et l’automobile we have a keen interest in the sculpted elegance of vintage automobiles, but more specifically the artistic interpretations rendered three dimensionally.  To celebrate this fact, we have collected all our sculpted pieces by these artists from around the globe and present them to you.  We have a wide variety of sculptures for every taste and every budget.  Please Tour the gallery at arteauto.com, and perhaps add a piece to your collection.


Jacques Vaucher

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