The Art of Nicholas Watts

Exploring auto racing from different angles and perspectives

Over the last century, not only has England been a nucleus of automobile racing but it also seems that some of the best automobile artists also come out of the UK. With names like Bryan De Grineau, Fredrick Gordon Crosby, Michael Turner, Dexter Brown, Peter Hearsey and Barry Rowe, whose artwork we featured a few weeks ago, just to name a few. 

Today we are showing the work of Nicholas Watts, who for the last few decades has been using his brushes and pencils to capture some of the most important moments and scenes in the history of motor racing. 

Nicholas and I go back a few decades. We started working together in the 1980’s and in 1989, the gallery of l’art et l’automobile organized a ‘one man show’ for Nicolas in our New York Penthouse gallery on 34th Street in Manhattan. Ever since, or relationship has been excellent, and to this day I am an avid fan of him, his family and his work. 

Keep up the Good work Nicholas. I am grateful to know you and will do my best to display your work with the respect it deserves and help others discover and celebrate your art.

Enjoy our collection of Fabulous Artwork here!  If you are looking for any piece in particular contact us and we'll see if we have it.  

Also don't miss our blog, where we are most happy to bring you a newly published in-house written article detailing the Artwork of Nicholas Watts. It is a fantastic resource for collectors and enthusiasts.  Read it Here.

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