Antique Auto Badges

Badges existed much before the beginning of the automobile but they were usually used on uniforms, buildings and other places. When the automobile came about, the car manufacturers started putting their names or logos on the front radiator. Most of them were made out of brass with baked enamel to give them colors and create a design. Then came all the car clubs from different countries, regions, different racing clubs, events and cities.

These badges were created to ornate the front grill, license plates, or mounted on a bar to the front or rear bumpers, to the taste of the automobile owner. Some were even mounted on the dashboard.

The ones we are presenting here are from the beginning of the automobile era, before being replaced by decals and stickers in the 1980's.

Enjoy the collection here! If you decide to not put them on your car, you can also display them in your garage one by one or in a frame as they are very decorative, historic and well-designed.  We also have collected numerous other badges and emblems you will not find on our website at the moment.  If you are looking for something in particular contact us and we'll see if we have it.  

Also don't miss our blog, where we are republishing an article from Marye Audet about finding, collecting and caring for Auto Badges. It is a great resource for collectors and enthusiasts.  Read it Here.



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