Auto Poster Designs of the Century

Automobile Posters served a very important purpose in the first half of the last century.  They were placed in windows or pasted on walls to draw people’s attention to the products of auto manufacturer’s, upcoming or famous races or to celebrate important car shows or auto clubs.  But more importantly, before the advent of the television, these pieces of collectable art were one of the only visual mediums that could attract the attention of customers and race fans and deliver them to the Companies and Venues that survived on their patronage.  Visit our Blog for a fascinating article, detailing how the art of the 1890’s through the 1960’s effected the advertisements and commemorations that have been put down to poster paper and how those works of automobilia have effected the art world in turn.  

Also all the pieces discussed in the article and many others are available in our collection, which can be toured here.  Now its your turn to collect a piece of history, so feel free to peruse the galleries below at you leisure and possibly add a piece of art history to your collection.  

POSTERS 1890 TO 1939

POSTERS 1940 TO 1969


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Owner and Curator

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