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May 17, 2018

1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV GMP model

Here at l’art et l’automobile, we understand the passion and meticulousness it takes to be a truly avid collector. We ourselves are just as avid. To this end, we have found an artist and collector who is just as avid as we are, to the point where he has taken the display of is collection to the status of art in and of itself.  

Michael Paul Smith has taken his collection of over 300 die cast models and used them to create ultra-realistic Scale Photos using forced perspective and real backgrounds to make his models appear as if they are full size.  This is just truly amazing to us.  

If you are interested in attempting to replicate Mr. Smith’s work or simply want to add an amazing model to your collection, e've got you covered.  We have collected as many amazing artifacts and memorabilia as we could find and displayed in our gallery and made these rare and amazing pieces available to you. Feel free to check out the collection of several models of such quality and detail, that you could, with a bit of work and some trial and error, easily make dioramas or displays that Mr. Smith would heartily smile upon. 

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Jacques Vaucher
Owner and Curator 
l'art et l'automobile

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