British Cars and Drivers

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Great Britain has a long and storied history of producing some of the finest machines and best racing drivers and world class races on earth. Each country boasts its bloodlines, companies, engineers, executives and enthusiasts whose powerful competitive spirit and dauntless courage drives them to dominate in motor racing.  

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the legendary Mike Hawthorn becoming Britain’s first ever Formula One World Champion and Lewis Hamilton clenching his 5th World Championship Title, we present to you the Cars and Drivers of the British Isles. 

We here at l'art et l'automobile, as you may know, are avid racing historians, and the Drivers, Manufacturers and race tracks of Great Britain have definitely resonated through the various racing sports throughout the years.  To celebrate Britain's racing achievements, we gathered all of our artwork and memorabilia related to the Cars and Drivers of the Isles, and present them here to you.  

We invite you to view the British Cars and Drivers gallery and acquire one of these pieces of racing history while they last.  Please tour the collection here and perhaps you will find something to add to your collection.  

All our best from the staff at l’art et l’automobile,


Jacques Vaucher

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