Ford's Assembly Line Turns 105

How Henry Ford Really Put the World on Wheels

The Ford Motor Company invented the moving assembly line under the leadership of the iconic Henry Ford. The assembly line started rolling for the first time on December 1st, 1913, 105 years ago. The invention of the moving assembly line was a game-changer for the automotive industry. Vehicles were able to be built at a much faster rate, which directly drove prices down. This made automobiles more accessible to the general public.

We here at l'art et l'automobile have a passion for how the legendary automobiles of the past were envisioned, designed and built, just as intense as our passion for how they are celebrated and rendered into art and memorabilia.  We would like to honor Ford's monumental achievement, bringing the automobile to the mainstream consumer through the use of the assembly line, by presenting to you our collection of Artwork and Memorabilia detailing The Ford Motor Company and its achievements.  Feel free to tour the collection here, and perhaps find some piece of Ford's History to add to your collection.  

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And be sure to check out our Blog, which has a great article with tons of information on Ford's moving assembly line and how it changed automobiles and manufacturing forever.  Hopefully by sharing a little history on the subject, we can enlighten you just a little bit more on the amazing history of our shared love; the automobile

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