Ferrari 70th Year Anniversary
Ferrari 1947 - 2017

Seventy years ago the first car bearing Enzo Ferrari’s name was produced: the Ferrari 125 Sport was born on May 11, 1947 and as they say the rest is history.

Now Ferrari is one of the most famous name in the world.

As an automobile enthusiast, it was a great honor and thrill to work for the company in the 1970’s, where I sold Ferraris in N.Y.C for Luigi Chinetti, the original importer of the marque in the U.S.A, and had the opportunity to visit the factory in Maranello and meet Enzo himself.

San Marino GP original event poster, 1997, by Giovanni Cremonini

1951 British Grand Prix photograph – Jose Froilan Gonzales, autographed

Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run large original poster by Razzia, signed
$550 sale price $495

1949 original Ferrari yearbook

24 heures du Mans 1949 official program

Il Quarto Anno Di Corse, 1933 Scuderia Ferrari Yearbook

1958 Grand Prix of Cuba reproduction poster, autographed by Fangio
As a collector of automobile art and memorabilia, I was asked by Enzo and Franco Gozzi, his right hand man, to collaborate on a book of Ferrari artworks produced over the decades. It was a delight working on this project for a few years, accumulating many photographs and information about the works and the artists, then the summer of 1988 came and we lost this great man. His son, Piero Lardi, ensured me he would finish his father’s project but unfortunately it never happened.

Yet, over the years I had the opportunity to drive many of the different Ferrari models, sports and race cars, on the road, on the track and at different events. I feel very lucky and I will always stay a great fan of this marque.

Being the owner of l’art et l’automobile gallery for the past 42 years, I have come across many of the great work that has been produced about the prancing horse. I would like to present you with some of them in this email (or click on the button below to see all of them).
View all Ferrari items at arteauto

Ferrari 166 Inter original factory sales brochure

Ferrari 250 Le Mans (LM) original factory owners manual

Enzo Ferrari portrait with facsimile purple signature

Ferrari Instruments Giclee by Alain Levesque, signed

24 heures du Mans 1954 lithograph by Geo Ham, autographed by Trintigant and Gonzales

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa print by Alain Mirgalet

Grand Prix de Pau original poster, mid 1950’s, by Geo Ham
I hope you will enjoy them and maybe consider owning some of those historical items.

See you in Monterey, I think it should be a spectacular Scuderia Ferrari week!


Jacques Vaucher



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