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Dear enthusiast,

At l'art et l'automobile we take pride in having decorated many garages and museums hosting some of the greatest collections of cars around the world.

This email will show you a selection of some of the very reasonably priced prints we have by some of the best automobile artists.

"Long day ahead" print by Tim Layzell, signed & numbered

1939 German GP at the Nurburgring print by Carlo Demand, signed & numbered, autographed by Hermann Lang

Ayrton Senna’s McLaren / Honda giclée on canvas by Gavin Macleod, framed, signed & numbered

Phil Hill’s Ferrari print at the Grand Prix of Monaco by Denis Vipre, autographed by Phil Hill

Autographed Carroll Shelby print by Graig Warwick

Silver Arrows at 1938 GP Donington print by John Gable
If you have bare walls in your garage, these prints not only will give you colors, history and warmth, they will turn your garage into another room in your home you will be proud to share with friends and family.
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The First Mercedes print by Walter Gotschke, 1980

Cunningham C4R print by Francois Bruere, 2000's

Ferrari 500 Superfast Pininfarina Studio original blueprint

1932 Le Mans 24-Hour print by Geo Ham, 1980's

The Four of Us print by Alan Fearnley, framed

Le Mans 1954 print by Nicholas Watts, autographed by Froilan Gonzales, Maurice Trintignant, Jack Fairman, Jacques Pollet and Tony Rolt
If you don't have the time to decorate your automotive emporium, we offer to come to you and take care of it – and if you love books, we also can build up your automotive library.

Enjoy looking through our collection!

Jacques Vaucher

For more information you can reach Jacques at (830) 864-5040



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