Porsche Prototypes and Posters

We here at l'art et l'automobile are diehard Porsche fanatics, and we love finding tidbits of Porsche's legacy, like this very interesting article from Hemmings Daily, detailing the Porsche Museum’s attempt to construct a replica of 356 No. 1, and sharing them with our followers.  So be sure to head over to our Blog and check the article out.  

Also, we are currently in the midst of a big Promotion of Porsche Memorabilia on this Website as we speak.  Not long ago, our blog detailed the history and creation of some Victory Posters commissioned by the Porsche Factory, and we've just released Chapter 2 of that collection that we acquired.  You can visit the Gallery here, and possibly add one of these pieces to your collection.  But hurry they're going fast, and We Only Have One of Each.  

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