La femme et l'automobile

Modern Aphrodites and dream cars have always made good combinations, and by the splendor of its forms the automobile has always been associated with feminine elegance and charm. From the manufacturing to competition, from daily driving to Concours d'Elegance, women have always been present in the world of Automobile.

For the next week l'art et l'automobile gallery is proud to feature a showing of artwork promoting the presence and influence that women had with the automobile culture in the last century. All items are available for purchase, but please note that in most cases we only have one of each of those pieces, so they will go on a first come first served basis.  The collection can be viewed here.  

Enjoy, and we hope you will find it an interesting subject that you would want to display on your wall or your shelf.

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Jacques Vaucher
Owner and Curator
l’art et l’automobile



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