The Automobiles of Ettore Bugatti

Ettore Bugatti drew upon his artistic heritage to bring to the world automobiles rendered in artistic and mechanical magnificence.  To this day Bugatti's cars are considered mobile masterpieces.  In our latest News feed article, we are detailing the work of this automotive genius and his legacy, which takes the form of these beautiful machines.  More specifically, we are detailing our latest collection, which includes Bugatti memorabilia and the works of other Illustrious Artist who recognized the beauty of these Cars and showcased them in their chosen medium.  

At l’art et l’automobile we appreciate artistry and craftsmanship as much as anyone, and in the case of Bugatti, those characteristics have produced a marque that refines and defines the terms in the automotive industry. For many, the Bugatti Marque represents the pinnacle of classic automotive engineering, and we are hard pressed to disagree. To that end, we have amassed a good collection of items representing this illustrious marque through the decades. Enjoy looking through the gallery here, and perhaps add a piece to your collection.

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Jacques Vaucher

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